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Sun ray through the forest

Design to reconnect

Inspire sustainable changes for people, community and the planet
with creativity, quality design and a touch of playfulness.


We are specialized in designing for eco-focused business.
If you are a visionary change maker or an eco-conscious

entrepreneur who is serious in making better changes

for the planet and its people, we’d love to work and

collaborating with you!  


(brand Identity, project or campaign communication, exhibition design)


Concept Design &

(concept / idea initiation for sustainability or community related project)


(focusing on promoting regenerative living, conscious living, and well-being)



(idea initiation and development for natural / ecological products)


(focus on promoting collaboration, self-transformation, and creative conscious living)

Permaculture diagram

Design & Regenerative Living

A new upcoming flagship location of a well known Thai craft beer company, Fullmoon Brew Works, with the vision to create sustainable farm brewery where they can produce good beers, rebalance local ecology and revive local community at the same time.

( please click on the image to see animation.)

Design & Local Wisdom

Strategic communication design and consultant to help young generations Laowu tribal people revive their ancestors’ wisdom of living in harmony with the nature through arts and design and share it with the world.

a Laowu tribe lady picking coffee beans
Marriott Merlin Phuket’s Reef Center exhibition

Design & Marine Conservation

Illustration, graphic and exhibition design for Marriott Merlin Phuket’s Reef Center’s permanent exhibition.

Design & Wildlife Conservation

Scarf Design for Love Wildlife Foundation to promote the conservation of Slow Lauris in Thailand

Screen Shot 2566-06-21 at 00.33.49.png
Exhibition about Zero Waste House at BACC, in Bangkok

Design to inspire a greener living

Concept and integrative design for Zero Waste House Exhibition as part of Konglakuentin Project’s Digital Farmer Fair at Bangkok Art and Cultural Center (3-5 March 2017)

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