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Warm Welcome to Flyingwisdom

Flyingwisdom is an online Regenerative Living Design and Consultation Agency

founded by N.K. Gloël. We aim mainly at helping eco-focused entrepreneurs,

businesses and organizations crafting meaningful sustainable business

that can truly benefits society, ecology and creating profitable return to the business.
Other than that, we also provide creative inspirations and practical knowledges 
for people who are interested in holistic wellbeing, sustainability and self-healing.


Nattawan Kamklai Gloel (Noko or Nokkob) is a strategic communication designer, an illustrator, a writer, a permaculture lifestyle activist, a healer and a consultant who falls in love with exploring interconnectedness of the nature. She’s been brought up in multicultural societies where she realizes that although we might have different appearances, races or background, at the end we all are the same: human beings. We have the same basic needs and are part of this natural ecosystem. 


She devotes her life helping people reconnect to their true nature and the nature around them, spreading the knowledge of how to live happily in harmony with the nature and guiding them through the reconnection process using the different customized creative methods and tools in hoping that this creative healing work will be a part to help build a happy resilient world.


  • A current student at Robbins-Madanes Training (partial scholarship)

  • Certified Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant
    by American Institute of Vedic Studies (2022)

  • Permaculture internship at Greening the Desert
    in Jordan with Geoff Lawton (2019)

  • Empower your brain with Neurogenesis (Brain Academy) (2018)

  • Post-graduate diploma in Yogic Science and Ayurveda,
    Mahidol University, Thailand (2018)

  • Master your brain: Neuroscience for 
    Personal Development (Brain Academy) (2018)

  • Teacher training on Yoga and Holistic Wellness,
    Mahidol University, Thailand (2017)

  • Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic
    Programming, Coaching, and  Timeline Therapy
    by American Board of NLP (2017)

  • Master in Interior & Living Design,
    Domus Academy, Milan, Italy (2007)​

  • Asia Pacific Studies (Information Media)
    Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, Japan (with full-scholarship)

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