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About the storyteller

Hi, welcome to, a blog that aims at visually gather thoughts, ideas, inspirations,
and showcase projects to help people reconnect to
the the nature, both inside themselves as well as the one outside.

My name is N.K.Gloël, a Bangkok-born communication designer, a creative entrepreneur
and a Yogic & Ayurvedic lifestyle consultant, who has been growing up and living in multicultural environments
in different countries. My life passion is inspiring and supporting people
to live creatively and joyfully in harmony with the nature

( their true nature & the nature around them) in order to thrive easfully using their highest potentials.

I hope stories and illustrations here will help all of you viewers
towards living a more balanced and joyful lifestyle in harmony with the nature.

By nurturing one’s well-being as well as the well-being of our surrounding environment

holistically I believe that both people and the nature can help each other grow and thrive at their best collaboratively.

Hope you'll enjoy stories, illustrations and creative products here. Thanks for stopping by!


For inquiry or collaboration
please contact:

Background knowledge


  • Certified Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant
    by American Institute of Vedic Studies (2022)

  • Permaculture internship at Greening the Desert
    in Jordan with Geoff Lawton (2019)

  • Empower your brain with Neurogenesis (Brain Academy) (2018)

  • Post-graduate diploma in Yogic Science and Ayurveda,
    Mahidol University, Thailand (2018)

  • Master your brain: Neuroscience for 
    Personal Development (Brain Academy) (2018)

  • Teacher training on Yoga and Holistic Wellness,
    Mahidol University, Thailand (2017)

  • Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic
    Programming, Coaching, and  Timeline Therapy
    by American Board of NLP (2017)

  • Master in Interior & Living Design,
    Domus Academy, Milan, Italy (2007)​

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“Life is short,
live it well."


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